Birubi Point Community Pre School Inc.

Why choose a Community Based Preschool?

When you choose a Community Based Preschool you are selecting one that:

  • Is owned and managed by parents and members of the local community
  • Is a not for profit service, with ALL your fees directly benefiting your child's care and education
  • Employs qualified Early Childhood Teachers
  • Provides a safe educational environment for children
  • Welcomes parent participation and strives to build a strong partnership between the child, family and local community
  • Encourages ongoing staff development
  • Is established and has well resourced facilities

What can a Community Based Preschool provide for you?

  • Small group sizes and professional, trained educators
  • A play based curriculum
  • A child focused program - fostering individual strengths, needs and interests
  • A school transition program
  • A caring and nurturing environment
  • Open communication
  • Large natural playgrounds

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