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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should my child go to preschool?

Generally, children start preschool at the age of three or four. Four year olds in the year before school are given priority.

Is my preschool approved to operate?

To operate a preschool a service must have a provider and a service approval from the Department of Education and Communities.

Why is play so important?

Play is very important for children.

Through play, young children explore and learn to understand the world around them as they come to communicate, discover, imagine and create.

When children play they are showing what they have learned and what they are trying to understand. This is why play is one of the foundations of the Early Years Learning Framework. Most preschools offer play based learning. A play-based program does not mean that children just do what they like all day. In a play-based program there will be times when children come together as a group, listen when others are talking, follow the rules of group living and begin to take responsibility for their actions and their environment.

Children are offered choices that reflect their developmental stage. The choices are determined by the educators and are provided within limits of safety and within the group setting. The educators at preschool continually evaluate children’s play to discover what it is children are learning and to then help shape and extend this learning.

Will preschool help my child be ready for school?

Yes. Preschools help children to become socially and developmentally prepared to transition to school. Preschools also work with children at levels that are appropriate to their age, and enable children to develop and learn, gaining social competency and skills.

Do preschools follow a set curriculum?

A new Australia wide curriculum has been established for early years learning services by the Commonwealth Government. Preschools in NSW have adopted this curriculum – The Early Years Learning Framework. The Early years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being and Becoming describes the principles, practice and outcomes essential to support and enhance young children’s learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school. The Framework has a strong emphasis on play-based learning as play is the best vehicle for young children’s learning providing the most appropriate stimulus for brain development. The Framework also recognises the importance of communication and language (including early literacy and numeracy) and social and emotional development.

For more information see the Early Years Learning Framework.

What does ‘community-based’ mean?

Birubi Point Preschool is a community-based preschool. This means it is a not for profit entity designed to meet the needs of the children and families of the community in which it is situated.

Are all the staff qualified?

The Children (Education and Care Services National Law Application) Act 2010 determines the minimum number of qualified staff who must be employed by each preschool. Individual preschools can choose to staff at beyond minimum standards. In addition to teachers, we employ teaching assistants who have a Diploma of Children’s Services. All staff employed by our preschool must be deemed by the NSW Commission for Children and Young People to be “fit and proper” people and must have undergone a Working with Children Check.

Can I claim Child Care Subsidy?

Families using preschools cannot claim the Child Care Subsidy.

How do I enrol in a preschool?

Contact preschool. It is best to contact preschool as early as possible before you want them to start – even 12 months before.

Do preschools provide meals?

No. Families pack a lunch with a drink and afternoon tea for their child.

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