Birubi Point Community Pre School Inc.

Our Philosophy

At Birubi Point Preschool, we believe that children learn through play. When children play, they create social groups, test ideas, challenge one another and build new understandings. When educators establish respectful and caring relationships with children and families, they are able to work together to construct a creative and holistic learning environment, with experiences that are relevant and engaging for each child.

We recognize that the child’s family and community have a significant effect on their learning and that successful outcomes are possible when we work in partnership with them. The experiences we provide for all children in our care, build success for lifelong learning.

We draw upon the principles of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and the National Quality Framework.

As educators, we make the use of both spontaneous, “teachable moments” and deliberate, purposeful, thoughtful “intentional teaching”.

We believe that learning encompasses physical, emotional, social, personal, spiritual, creative and linguistic aspects.

We hold high expectations for each child’s learning and are committed to the belief that all children have individual capacities to succeed, regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities.

We value and respond to all children’s strengths, abilities and interests. We cater for different learning styles and behaviours and invite children to contribute ideas, interests and questions. We do this through sensitive and positive interactions.

We value and respect differences in families. We recognize that diversity in cultures, histories, languages, traditions, child rearing practices and lifestyle choices contribute to the richness of our society.

In collaboration with families, we continually examine what happens in our service and reflect on what we could change and improve on.

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